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Gods Origin Online

Gods Origin Online

Gods Origin Online
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Gods Origin Online - the free-to-play, dazzling sword & magical fantasy RPG developed by that you too can enter, simply via the portal of your browser! The stage is set in an era of incredible magic and a war as old as history that has battered the world where players fill the lives of human summoners that herald the Deities of Astral Realm back in time in order to save them.

You can take your pick of one of two different professions to become: a Magician or a Warrior. Magicians use magic and guile to overcome their foes, whereas Warriors use brute strength and steel to cute down any enemies standing in their path. Other characters can join your team as you play, giving you even more versatility by forming a party. As you grow in strength and power new skills and gear will become available to use and upgrade while even greater challenges will await you ahead. You can upgrade your skills via divination, your weapons via the blacksmith, and so on. Your adventures might also help you discover potent familiars who can give you even more powers and abilities to increase your combat effectiveness.

You won’t be lacking for stuff to do in this game! The world is bursting with all kinds of activities for you to explore. The activities you can participate in include the EXP Dungeon, Daily Activities, Blitz Plot/Fate, Adventure Encounters, Meditation, Quizzes, Party Fights, World Boss battles, Cycle Quests, Raiding in Trade, Guild Wars, Arena battles, and even more.

An experience of adventure, magic, Greek mythology, and activities aplenty await! Undertake explorations of blackened dungeons, compete in the arena, meditate, and more. In your hands do the fate of this world now rest! Heroes will assemble or go head-to-head. But one thing is sure: you can join the struggle to deliver the gods or die in the attempt in Gods Origin Online!

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